Parallel World

The title does not reflect the poem as such but this was inspired by the many worlds interpretation of quantum theory.  So my fantasy can not happen in this world, but in a parallel world, somewhere, this is happening … and it’s hot.

In the hallway
The gateway between worlds
Inside and out

We almost got to a sanitised goodbye

But your Taurean bull force
Took me almost by surprise
Pushed your hardness to me

The wall provided my alibi
Lack of resistance, also hard
Let me feel exactly what you wanted

So, pinned, blameless
Your tongue also pushed
Your fingers, tendrils
Knowing where to circle
Knowing where to enter
Knowing where to leave

Your fingers again
This time harder
The wall my support
Shoulder for biting

Biting that moment
Circle, enter, leave

All done, so agile
So accurate
Proud Precision

It is accomplished


Cold Light

This is about having a fantasy of an illicit encounter but being aware enough to know it would only end in tears.  So the question was why go through that for an inevitable heartbreak?  Better to acknowledge the connection, make it conscious and let it go.


The cold light of day
The warm light
Of a day in May maybe
When we know finally
Realisation dawns early
That it can’t happen here
It couldn’t happen here
Nor in our secreted stolen places
Not ours
Never really ours

So instead why tempt?
Why torture for smell
For taste, for wet, for hot sweat, for hard?
Cut it
Just mourn
Go straight there
Leave it at what it was

Cut to
Fuck, wet, hot force me
Out of my hands hot
Out of my hands hard
Old and new
Know this, do not know enough
Want it, your fuck

Cut to
Go straight there
To things that were never there
We are still together
We were never together

Cut it now

Night Poetry

When the thoughts of your fantasy object just get too much and in one burst, you just have to write about it all; the fantasy itself, the tension with reality, the sober realisation of the inevitable – that it can and will never happen.


So take my mane
Twist it in your fist from behind
Use it to pull inside
The Wet

Go further
Push now
Do it all

Then what?

We keen
We dissect

It couldn’t be, it shouldn’t be

For what?
A hot fuck
My wet throb
Your hard probe

For a moment?