Can You?


We have seen too much, lover

Child-play disturbed
Our eyes forced to see
What shocked us to be real

The cruel sites of warp
That stripped away the truth
And broke apart the seal

The new truth; we become
Armed with head-tools
To strip away and break apart

Waiting in the blood
Too old to deny
Too young to submit

Too real to look back
The synco-beat of heart choke
Is what marks us now

But don’t you know who I am?
I am still that girl
Who tried to choose the child

Who at the symbol-solstice
Took your hand to seed
The hope of our new way

Who willed to strip away
The past lies we were told
And bind the broken seal

Now solus, I yet strip away
Re-bind the splintered seal
And face the solstice-sun

But can you take my hand
And walk by my side
Entwine this trail with me?

Can you weave around me
And curl into our ways
And seed the helix bond?

Because I will move alone
No fear shocks this heart
From being true again

But I wish to choose the weaver
Who armed with tools of heart
Can loop and curl our days


Silly Persons


Do not flatter me
Silly persons

Just because
You can frame me now
And the picture in there
Admits me to your clutch

I will never conform
To your small pride

Observing you lately
From the cold outer light
The peaky flesh on the bone
Barely hides your pith

And I do not like what I see:
Amour-propre in your conceited words

Anyway; there is no time for your silly world
When I am too busy with the fun
Kites and boats and all childish things
Devilish laughter that feeds my heart

It lights my life to skit and skip
To not let your world of tedium be mine
To grow sunflowers and magic dreams
Abandon the head-speak for wild love

So no, I am not flattered
To be now enough for your world
My world waits to stain my tongue with wine
And I will flaunt it to my pride


This is about someone now gone from my life


Your body tells a story
The scars and the breaks of the years
Reveal truths hidden by your poise

Some of the stories we shared
You ran down once
Another time you bled

Some stories are yours
Before the time I was there
Did they all tend to you this way?

Your me-scars tell a story
Of your constancy
And my care

In our time together
You have carried me
And I have tended your wounds

I love the scars on your body
They are the stories of us