You were my tower.

Your solid thighs
Held us both with firmity
When I wrapped around you

Your broad back
Bent with grace and strength
As you laid me on your bed

Your fluid hips
Pushed you exquisitely in
And sealed me to you

After, your auburn-haired arms
Enfolded me in us
Your lips feathering my neck

Your neck then,
Hid its softness with curls
And I played as you slept

Your proud chest
Grew with feeling
When we awoke, still wrapped

You were my tower of man.

Did I think you could crumble
Like the other;
Your solid thighs infirm
Your back bent with the load
Your chest caught and tight.

You are rebuilding now
Alone, a tower to protect
You fill it up with props
Take from the pain
Act and re-act to the shocks
Secure, hurt might not get in

Outside your gated heart now
I still peer in and dream
That some day you will realise
And see what you neglect –
What will keep you trapped inside
Is your tower built to protect


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