Not Enough (song lyrics)

I want to try writing a song, but my poetry doesn’t tend to rhyme all that much. That’s why I decided to try reworking the ‘not enough/too much’ confusion and make it more music-friendly. Hopefully I’ll find the notes some day.


Not enough I was present
Not enough you said
Not enough that I held you
Not enough that I gave …

All I could to you
Fought for who you were
Fierce female loyalty
And surrendered, as the mare

I found the strength of woman
Believed it was a start
To carry all the weight of
Your heavy ripped up heart

But not enough in you
Talk, no being, in zen
Not enough you weren’t there
That one red-raw day when …

I asked for your arms of shelter
But now at last I see
You said not enough
But you’re not enough for me


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